Nancy-Lee Mauger

“I simply paint conversations with myself.”

Watercolor and Mixed-Media

My discovery of art was bittersweet. In the early morning on December 9th 1993, my father passed away. Later that evening I gave birth to my second child, my son. The juxtaposition of these two events was a turning point in my life. Eighteen months later I took my first art therapy class and found the healing power of art. Over time, my work has evolved from therapeutic painting to art.

I paint because sometimes there are so many feelings bouncing around that, if I don’t paint, my head feels like it might explode. All of my painting is spontaneous. It is only after I paint that I know the story. I look at the work and understand it. It strikes me. I hear a title and then have to listen to the story. I am very often quite literally surprised by the outcome.

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“Miss You Forever” by Nancy-Lee Mauger

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At Zahra’s memorial service, story after story was told about her beautiful soul. She suffered dearly but she did so with such grace. She touched every life she met. Someone at the memorial service said “Zahra was an angel on this earth.” She wanted to make a difference.


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